Customer Success Team: The Pillar of Our Organization

Our experts, always beside our customers

With a team of 10, our Customer Success Team is DiXiO’s shoulder to lean on. Each team member plays a key role as a pillar of our organisation, allowing DiXiO and its customers to achieve our aims and objectives. Let us explain how our Customer Success Team works!


Go the extra mile!

The first mission of the Customer Success Team is to respond to our customer’s requests. Thanks to them, our customers can reach an expert at any time and receive accurate answers to all of their questions.

From the simplest to the most challenging requests, from the most technical to the most strategic, our experts will always go further than what is asked of them! This is precisely why they were recruited! Their motto? “Go the extra mile”, which can be interpreted as “always do more”.

If we are always one step ahead, it’s partly thanks to their mindset! They are true professionals who work every day to bring more value to our clients!

They are also responsible for integrating and training new clients on our platform, alongside informing their colleagues of every new problem they encounter.


Soft skills make hard sense! 

All the experts who are part of the Customer Success Team have three soft skills in common: curiosity, perseverance, and patience.

To join the team, you must first and foremost have the desire to learn and develop your work every day according to the demands of the job. Our humility and our ability to question ourselves allow us to improve and learn from each other.

Our experts have an investigative spirit, they are curious and persistent to get to the bottom of things. For our Customer Success Team, leaving a question unanswered is not an option.

Because our customers are our priority, we have adopted a fully remote work organisation that allows us to devote 100% of our energy to their support. We have never been as close to them as we are from a distance. Daily, this allows us to discuss, support and, if necessary, look for answers, call on our collective intelligence, and cross-reference… until we make sure that our customer is satisfied. We are relentless solvers.

Continuous training, daily support for clients, and providing answers at all costs cannot be done without… patience. Patience is an essential quality for working at DiXiO and it allows us to transmit serenity and take the pressure off to achieve our objectives.


Customer satisfaction, our driving force

The recognition we receive from our customers is the driving force that pushes us to go even further. It is a real virtuous circle that is established as we work together. We provide expertise and prove our commitment to proximity and high added value. In return, our clients pay us back well.

This is the opposite of outsourced, imposed, or impersonal after-sales service. We aim to build relationships of deep respect by delivering high value and making our customers feel supported by us. No matter what the request is, even if it’s outside the usual roadmap, we show our customers that we’re always there for them. We often do things that are not in the basic contract, so what? At DiXiO we have created a framework to get out of it!

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