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SWIFT users, is this familiar to you ?


Most people think that once their SWIFT connectivity is running, nothing needs to be done anymore.

This is true until your transactions don’t go through anymore, beneficiaries start complaining and your business is blocked.

Of course you can learn how to avoid these problems by learning yourself using 24,451 pages of SWIFT documentation with more than 200 acronyms. (Good luck) !

The truth

The truth is, just like human health, SWIFT infrastructures’ health need daily maintenance and continuous support in order to avoid any damages that might occur when it’s too late to take action.

Several issues might occur when you don’t have experts to solve or anticipate these problems:

What if you don’t take action ?

If your SWIFT infrastructure is not operating properly :

Moreover, if further payments continue to be blocked, business relationships will be damaged, you might start loosing clients and endangering your reputation.

Our solution

We work on SWIFT since more than 20 years, which means we understand the challenges related to Financial Messaging.
In fact, DiXiO was formed based on a mutual finding: banks, corporates and financial institutions need help from experts in this particular area.

That is why we have designed “Serenity”. A proactive support service for Financial Messaging for SWIFT users, that includes regular healthchecks of your SWIFT infrastructure.

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