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DiXiO is a company of Swift Experts operating in more than 50 countries. In recent years, DiXiO has established itself as the reference in the Financial Messaging industry and was registered as an official Swift agent.

Today DiXiO is the first global network of trusted experts, making financial messaging simple & secure through expert services & cloud solutions.

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A cloud Smart Messaging Platform that connects you to Swift and seamlessly integrates with your back-offices.

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That you are ready and compliant with ISO 20022.

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Your Swift infrastructure and review compliance with CSCF v2023.

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April, 28th

Watch the full recording of our seminar, with the participation of Swift – where we explored the latest developments in the field of Swift Alliance Cloud, APIs, and Preval.

April, 28th

Vous souhaitez mieux comprendre quels sont les bĂ©nĂ©fices d’Alliance Cloud et des APIs Swift ? Alors ce webinaire est fait pour vous ! Rejoignez-nous pour dĂ©couvrir les dernières innovations de Swift (Alliance Cloud, APIs, Preval), comment en tirer parti et quelle stratĂ©gie adoptĂ©e.
Treasury management Challenges


Date: 11/03/2024

OpenCash: Your Simple Solution to Treasury Management Challenges

Explore OpenCash, your go-to solution for tackling treasury management challenges. From addressing visibility issues and dynamic account management to offering a cost-effective alternative and prioritizing security, OpenCash brings simplicity and efficiency.

ISO 20022

Date: 23/02/2024

Leveraging ISO 20022 for Business Success: 3 Best Practices for Financial Institutions

Explore ISO20022 deployment for financial success, involving precise system analysis and strategic team building to embrace the global standard.


Date: 30/08/2023

What You Need to Know About The Swift “Receiving-Only” Profile

Learn how the Swift “Receiving-Only” profile reduces risk, simplifies compliance, and offers a streamlined journey through the CSP program.

Payment Pre-Validation

Date: 27/07/2023

Payment Pre-Validation: The Key to Efficient and Secure Transactions

Discover the game-changing benefits of payment pre-validation in cross-border transactions. Eliminate rejections and enhance security with effective measures.

Date: 06/06/2023

5 Advantages of Working with a CSP Independent Assessor

Discover in this article how partnering with a CSP independent assessor can strengthen your institution’s cybersecurity defenses.

Date: 05/05/2023

3 Game-Changing Swift Innovations You Need to Know About

The rise of digital technologies and changing customer expectations have driven a need for faster, more efficient, and more flexible financial services. To address these challenges, Swift offers a range of innovative solutions that can help financial institutions stay ahead of the curve and meet the evolving needs of their customers.

Date: 29/03/2023

ISO 20022: What’s Next After Its Go-live

While the new standard promises to enhance cross-border payments’ efficiency and interoperability, the adoption of ISO 20022 requires a comprehensive migration process to reap its full benefits. In this article, we share some critical considerations for financial institutions to ensure a smooth transition.

Date: 09/02/2023

Swift Cloud Migration: 3 Key Benefits for Your Institution

Migrating your Swift infrastructure to the cloud provides a number of benefits. In this article, find how you can achieve financial, operational, and security gains by migrating to the cloud.

Date: 28/10/2022

ISO 20022: Go-live Rescheduled to March 2023

SWIFT announces a delay at the beginning of the CBPR+ ISO20022 co-existence period from November 2022 to March 20, 2023.

Date: 13/09/2022

Overview on the CBPR + Interactive Readiness Checklist by SWIFT

Learn more about the CBPR + Interactive Readiness Checklist, a tool that can help you to assess your readiness level.

Date: 07/09/2022

The Importance of Regular Health Checks on Your SWIFT Infrastructure

Did you know that running regular health checks on your SWIFT environment can help your institution avoid several issues?

Market Watch

Date: 01/09/2022

SWIFT Connectivity in the AWS Cloud now available in the United Arab Emirates

Now financial institutions based in UAE can migrate their SWIFT infrastructures to AWS and take advantage of the reliability, security, and agility provided by the cloud.

Date: 30/08/2022

Preventing Cybercrime with the Annual SWIFT CSP Assessment

Learn how DiXiO can conduct the CSP assessment for your institution, working by your side as a true partner.

Market Watch

Date: 09/05/2022

SWIFT in the public cloud

It is now possible to deploy SWIFT connectivity entirely in the Cloud.

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