DiXiO and Amazon Web Services

Benefit from a resilient, scalable and secure SWIFT infrastructure

Managed Services

Our solution powered by AWS

With our Managed Services, we offer you the opportunity to migrate your SWIFT infrastructure to the Cloud, where it will be hosted and maintained by our team of SWIFT experts. You can finally say goodbye to your local server, SWIFT applications, VPN boxes, and all other related hardware. Powered by AWS, DiXiO’s cloud-based environment ensures maximum availability, top-notch security, and added-value services for customers’ operations.

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How DiXiO Uses AWS Cloud Services

Maximum Availability

DiXiO runs across 2 AWS Availability Zones with automated failover to ensure a highly available setup with zero data loss and a very low recovery time objective in case of disaster.

Highest Level of Security

AWS provides a highly secure and compliant platform for hosting SWIFT services, with a range of security features and certifications.

Higher Flexibility

AWS provides a flexible and scalable platform for hosting SWIFT services, allowing institutions to easily adjust their capacity and resources to meet changing business needs.



With SWIFT infrastructure in AWS, customers can access its services quickly and easily, with minimal infrastructure and maintenance.

This helps streamline operations and increase overall efficiency.


DiXiO is an AWS Partner providing AWS qualified software.

This recognition validates the compliance of our services against a set of
AWS best practices and guarantees its safety and reliability.


AWS provides a highly available and scalable infrastructure, ensuring that SWIFT services are always accessible, even during peak periods or in the event of unexpected demand.

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