Swift CSP

Your Swift infrastructure, compliant with minimal effort.

Swift Customer Security Programme (CSP)

Swif CSP is a security framework developed by Swift to enhance the security of Swift transactions and prevent fraudulent activities, ensuring the safety of the global financial network. Swift customers must attest to their compliance with the mandatory security controls annually, and since 2021, it has become mandatory for institutions to support their attestation through an independent assessment.

DiXiO: Your Trusted Independent Assessor

Award-winning methodology

With a very efficient methodology, our experienced team covers all CSCF controls and more, offering concrete guidance to enhance your security. We work as true business partners, providing tailored remediation strategies that align with your specific needs and resources, reducing the burden on your teams.

Why Choose DiXiO?


With over 150 CSP assessments completed worldwide and a very efficient methodology, our Swift experts possess the skills to guide your institution effectively.


We aim to be as un-intrusive as possible by only contacting your teams when absolutely necessary, significantly reducing the burden
on your shoulders.

Trusted Partnership

We work with our customers as a true business partner, not just an auditor. We will guide you to find the best and most suitable remediation for each gap, adapted to your specific needs.

Why Our Customers Love Partner With Us

Joseph El Kadi Dubai Department of Finance - Manager Of Application Development Projects (UAE)

Very professional. You have a plan for all the obstacles we faced. You perfectly understood our infrastructure and you did a great job in a short time. Thank you.

Nyawengo Mwale First Alliance Bank (Zambia) - SWIFT Administrator

It was very comfortable to work with DiXiO, they were like a part of us. A lot of comfort in the way the process was handled. I would definitely recommend DiXiO.

Raees Fataar Allan Gray (South Africa) - Business

DiXiO’s Experts were very accommodating, very professional, very willing to teach and to educate about the requirements. They know exactly what to do to get the job done.

Felix Francis BIC Bank (Laos) –
GM Operations

DiXiO understood perfectly our requirements, everything was clear, and your support has been very helpful. They know perfectly what they are doing, and they were very responsive.

Jamil Fischer Prescient (South Africa) - Business

Very pleasant, the whole process went good. Thanks for the time spent getting us to this point. Your insight and suggestions were valuable and we’ll look to implement your value add suggestions.

Jean-Robert Hervy IZNES (France) – Managing Director

DiXiO has high standard assistance for cloud Managed Services to connect to SWIFT. They guided IZNES, on the technical and business aspects to get our messages through, as well as on undertsanding the complete messgaes workflow. They go beyong basic support being also helpful and responsive.

Tamer F. Bakr The Group (Qatar) – Continuity Department Manager

DiXiO wa to help durings very committed, and the team is fully aware of the requirements and how they can be implemented. DiXiO’s Experts were very talented, educated, and keen the audit process.

Vinessen Ramsamy Besins Healthcare (Monaco) - CISO

Proximity, simplicity, fast delivery. From an IT Standpoint, I would prefer to work with people like you as things go on fast. This is just the beginning of a long-term partnership between us.

Abdullah Al-Balushi Alizz Islamic Bank (Oman) – Head of Operations

DiXiO is highly qualified in SWIFT, you are the bests in this area. You understood everything of our context, you are the experts. All promises have been fulfilled. DiXiO played a crucial role in pushing the whole bank and meeting the objectives. Nothing could be better than that.

Eric Olsen Sund & baelt (Denmark) – Finance Department

Dixio was very fexible and the process was fast and effective. I would definitely recommend DiXiO.

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