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Swift CSP

Your Swift infrastructure, compliant with minimal effort.

Swift Customer Security Programme (CSP)

Swif CSP is a security framework developed by Swift to enhance the security of Swift transactions and prevent fraudulent activities, ensuring the safety of the global financial network. Swift customers must attest to their compliance with the mandatory security controls annually, and since 2021, it has become mandatory for institutions to support their attestation through an independent assessment.

DiXiO: Your Trusted Independent Assessor

We completed over 150 CSP assessments last year

With a very efficient methodology, our experienced team covers all CSCF controls and more, offering concrete guidance to enhance your security. We work as true business partners, providing tailored remediation strategies that align with your specific needs and resources, reducing the burden on your teams.

Why Choose DiXiO?


With over 150 CSP assessments completed worldwide and a very efficient methodology, our Swift experts possess the skills to guide your institution effectively.


We aim to be as un-intrusive as possible by only contacting your teams when absolutely necessary, significantly reducing the burden
on your shoulders.

Trusted Partnership

We work with our customers as a true business partner, not just an auditor. We will guide you to find the best and most suitable remediation for each gap, adapted to your specific needs.

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