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The easiest way to connect to Swift, in the cloud.

Smart. Secure. Simple.

Joining Swift and then maintaining a Swift infrastructure & ensuring the required SLA for your business is a tough challenge. That’s why, as official Swift partners and complementors, we have built the DiXiO Smart Messaging Platform!

What is it?

Next-Gen Cloud Gateway

The Smart Messaging Platform is a cloud gateway that allows you to send & receive payments, trades, securities, FX deals and much more over Swift. It also gives you access to advanced Swift services such as gpi, Swift Go, payment pre-validation, transaction screening…

How it works?

Effortless Plug-and-Play Integration

Be up&running on Swift in weeks! Our Smart Messaging Platform comes with bespoke connectors that natively integrate with your back-office systems.

On top of this, our connectors can act as conversion services and make you ISO20022-ready with no effort!

Key Benefits for your Business

Experience the unmatched benefits of cloud-based access to Swift

Key Benefits for your Business

Experience the unmatched benefits of cloud-based access to Swift

It’s really plug and play !

In other words...

In just one week, we plug into your existing systems using our native connectors. And thanks to built-in conversion service, you’ll be ISO20022 ready right away!

It’s truly resilient & secure!

In other words...

Our SLA guarantees 24/7 availability without you having to worry about disaster recovery or backup. And you’re natively compliant with Swift CSP!

It’s definitely yours!

In other words...

Even if you stop your contract with us, you still own your Swift connectivity (this is not the case with a Service Bureau!)

Why Our Customers Love Partner With Us

Discover the benefits and advantages of DiXiO’s Smart Messaging Platform!

“Since we adopted DiXiO’s Smart Messaging Platform to connect to  SWIFT, we can focus on our core business. We don’t face any challenge related to Swift anymore, and we are always compliant. DiXiO really does provide peace of mind when it comes to Swift! ”

Yacouba Traore

Head of Operations - BADF

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