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Samer - Jordan

SWIFT Expert Superstar

Most people see DiXiO as a fintech. That is a technology company, working in the finance industry. We see ourselves as a people company, working with other people that we call customers.

People is what makes DiXiO great. Our people are what defines us. This is why in this recruitment process we’re not looking for profiles. We’re looking for people.

What do people have in common, at DiXiO? We have people from all regions, all cultures, all ages, all backgrounds. What binds us is what drives us: our ambitions, and our values.



We believe that working seriously and having fun are not opposed. And we demonstrate it every day !


We establish your objectives together, and we trust you would deliver, and accept constructive feedback.


 We trust you and give you full autonomy. At DiXiO you’re not put inside a box: we give you freedom to do everything you’re good at.


Work from anywhere in the world, without schedules. Take as many holidays as you wish, without having to ask anyone! We trust you to organize yourself.


Get access to all of the material in our DiXiO Academy. Be constantly challenged by other experts. Learn, train and earn renowned certifications related to your field of expertise.

A Transparent Point-Of-View

As a fully remote organization, it is challenging to build and maintain a strong work culture based on trust. Nevertheless, our ambitions have no limits; therefore, it was important to invest in an infrastructure that allows our Experts to create, collaborate, and be engaged. This is why we have built the DiXiO Academy, a learning library that anchors the learning paths to become a DiXiO Expert.

No one cares about improving our organization more than our own Experts. That is why we strongly value honest feedback. This is important to us, since the only way to stay out of our comfort zone and 2-steps ahead is by improving constantly.

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It's not only about work, we have FUN too!

One of the challenges of Remote work is missing out on the human interaction factor. The best way to fill this gap is to meet every few months and engage in team building activities. Of course, a part of the offsite event, is working and learning about our strategy, services and partnerships, but we also have a lot of fun. You can check our latest event photos here.

That’s not all, our weekly meetings include “Virtual Fun” session that occurs every Thursday. We celebrate special occasions and enjoy virtual games, write songs, and draw together.

The fun won’t start without you, join us now!

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