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3 Game-Changing Swift Innovations You Need to Know About

Leo, CEO

The rise of digital technologies and changing customer expectations have driven a need for faster, more efficient, and more flexible financial services. To address these challenges, Swift offers a range of innovative solutions that can help financial institutions stay ahead of the curve and meet the evolving needs of their customers.

ISO 20022: What’s Next After Its Go-live

Thierry Miskaoui - Partner & Head of Customer Success

While the new standard promises to enhance cross-border payments’ efficiency and interoperability, the adoption of ISO 20022 requires a comprehensive migration process to reap its full benefits. In this article, we share some critical considerations for financial institutions to ensure a smooth transition.

Top 3 Benefits of Migrating your Swift Connectivity to the Cloud

Leo, CEO

Migrating your Swift infrastructure to the cloud provides a number of benefits. In this article, find how you can achieve financial, operational, and security gains by migrating to the cloud.

WEBINAR | Alliance Lite2 Users: Everything You Must Know About the ISO 20022 Migration

Tatiane, Marketing Specialist

We invite you to join our webinar and learn with Thierry Miskaoui, Partner & Head of Customer Success at DiXiO, everything you must know about the ISO 20022 migration for Alliance Lite2.

ISO 20022: Go-live Rescheduled to March 2023

Digital Expert

SWIFT announces a delay at the beginning of the CBPR+ ISO20022 co-existence period from November 2022 to March 20, 2023.

Be Ready for March 2023 With the CBPR + Interactive Readiness Checklist by SWIFT

Financial Expert

Learn more about the CBPR + Interactive Readiness Checklist, a tool that can help you to assess your readiness level.

The Importance of Regular Health Checks on Your SWIFT Infrastructure

Thierry, Head of Customer Success

Did you know that running regular health checks on your SWIFT environment can help your institution avoid several issues?

SWIFT Connectivity in the AWS Cloud now available in the United Arab Emirates

Leo Vincke

Now financial institutions based in UAE can migrate their SWIFT infrastructures to AWS and take advantage of the reliability, security, and agility provided by the cloud.

Preventing Cybercrime with the Annual SWIFT CSP Assessment

Khyber, Senior Auditor

Learn how DiXiO can conduct the CSP assessment for your institution, working by your side as a true partner.

SWIFT in the public cloud

Thierry, Head of Customer Success

It is now possible to deploy SWIFT connectivity entirely in the Cloud.

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From Paper to Digital Challenges – An Interview with DiXiO’s Most Senior Expert

Tatiane, Digital Marketing Specialist

With 22 years of experience, Thierry is our most senior expert at DiXiO. In this interview, he shares with us what it was like when he first joined SWIFT, how financial messaging has changed over time, and outline some of the challenges facing this sector.

How do We Support the Well-Being of Our Employees Who Are Working Remotely?

Yasmine, People & Culture Executive

In this article, we share how DiXiO has been supporting the well-being of its employees working completely remotely.

Customer Success Team: The Pillar of Our Organization

Yasmine, People & Culture Executive

Find what it takes to be successful in the Customer Success Team at DiXiO.

Working with Colleagues From All Over the World

Yasmine, People & Culture Executive

With around 30 experts located in 12 countries, working remotely can be a real challenge! Our secret for this?…

What’s Behind DiXiO

Yasmine, People & Culture Executive

Find what is behind DiXiO and how our beliefs bring us together and guide us towards success!

Building Connections Working Remotely

Yasmine, People & Culture Executive

Discover in this article what DiXiO is doing to stimulate moments of sociability and keep our team connected!

Advantages of Working in Full Remote

Yasmine, People & Culture Executive

Working in full remote has many advantages but cannot be improvised. We explain everything in 6 points!

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