ISO 20022 Operations
Training Program

Prepare for November 2025

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Elevate your MX messaging management skills

With engaging eLearning courses, hands-on online exercises, live sessions with expert instructors, and handy guides, this training gives you the necessary tools to master reading and interpreting MX messages, navigating tags, handling truncations, running investigations, and managing MX payment rejections and recalls. Join us to become an ISO 20022 expert and stand out from the crowd!

Who should attend this course

Back-Office Analysts and Operational Teams involved in day-to-day operations with MT and MX payment and reporting messages.


Read and interpret MX messages

Navigate through tags and reconciliate MX messages

Deal with truncations from MX messages


Master MX
payment rejections & recalls

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Raphaël François

Member of the European Payment Council, expert in correspondent banking and ISO 20022. Raphael has about 20 years of experience and has trained several hundreds of people on such topics.

Nathan Lauwens

With extensive experience gained from working on Swift projects, Nathan has demonstrated his expertise by successfully managing intricate Swift migration projects and providing support to numerous customers.

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