DiXiO's Pre-Validation Enabler

Pre-Validation Enabler

A simple way to pre-validate any payment or beneficiary details in real-time

Simplify your Payment Validation Process

Connected to the Swift Payment Pre-Validation API, our tool allow you to effortlessly verify payment and beneficiary details in real-time, all through a simple and intuitive interface.

Leverage SWIFT’s vast library of over 9 billion payments traveling between 4 billion accounts every single year.

You can use DiXiO's Pre-Validation Enabler in 3 Ways

Manually Verification

Manually verify a new beneficiary account through our user-friendly  interface.

Upload File

Upload a list of beneficiaries or a payment file, such as MT101, MT103, pacs.008, or pacs.009, using our file import feature.

Back-end System Integration

Automatically verify every outgoing payment before it is released, seamlessly integrating with your back-end systems.


Useful in a bank’s back-office… but also for any corporate user!

Reduce the number of non-STP payments

Reduce rejection rate / rejection fees

Fight against fraud by validating beneficiary details

Avoid funds being blocked by other banks

Clean up beneficiary

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