Finally, a smart TMS focused on your needs

Centralize banking transactions and streamline your cash flow on a single platform.

Why Open Cash?

OpenCash goes beyond the basics, offering advanced features that redefine how you manage your treasury. From centralized transaction control to intelligent cash flow optimization, OpenCash is the key to help you achieve improved efficiency, profitability and control of your financial process.

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Access OpenCash from anywhere, anytime. No installations, just a secure connection and you’re good to go. You can access via a web browser from any device (PC or tablet, Windows or Android or IOS).


Easy IT Integration

Seamlessly connect OpenCash into your existing systems. Our user-friendly interfaces and APIs ensure a hassle-free integration process, allowing your IT team to work efficiently.

Seamless Banking Integration

Banking Connectivity

OpenCash directly syncs with your bank, offering real-time data. This direct link ensures accurate and up-to-date information, enabling you to make informed financial decisions.


Tailored for Your Needs

Specifically crafted for corporate treasures, OpenCash caters to your unique requirements. Plus, it’s embedded with Swift connectivity for secure transactions.

We empower treasurers to make more confident cash and liquidity decisions

Centralized Transactions

Effortlessly manage payments, electronic signatures, collections, and transaction statements in one unified platform.

Adapted to Banking Standards

Adapt to diverse global banking standards including ISO20022, SEPA, SWIFT, and any domestic formats.

File Transfer Made Simple

Get instant batch email alerts and secure transfers through SWIFTNet, APIs, and any Host2Host protocols.

Advanced Payment Validation Workflow

Initiate or integrate payment files, validating for accuracy and compliance. Route transactions to the designated banks, authorize payments, generate SWIFT messages, and continuously monitor payment status. OpenCash facilitates seamless reconciliation, comprehensive reporting, and effortless integration with various systems, all while prioritizing security. Experience secure, efficient, and compliant international financial transactions.

Cash Flow Optimization

Optimize your cash flow with advanced forecasting tools. Set up customized reports, manage bank accounts efficiently, and automate accounting entries.

Optimize Debt Management

Manage loans, lines of credit, and interest rate swaps effortlessly. OpenCash automates the generation of accounting entries, tracks pending amounts, and accrued interest not yet due.

Advanced Investment Insights

Manage fixed-term accounts, deposits, securities, and remunerated accounts with ease. Analyze portfolios, monitor returns, and automate accounting entries, ensuring your investments are optimized.

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