Exploring Tech’s Impact on Transaction Banking in KSA

In this article, we share key takeaways from the MEA Finance & Swift Transaction Banking Summit KSA 2024, where we proudly served as a Gold Sponsor. With an exciting agenda, Joude Badra, DiXiO’s General Manager in KSA, took the stage to discuss the latest innovations in financial messaging. Our team also had the chance to network and engage in various discussions at our stand, providing a closer look at the rapidly evolving financial landscape in Saudi Arabia.

The Rise of Fintech: A Two-Sided Coin

With over 200 fintech companies in Saudi Arabia, set to exceed 500 by 2030, the landscape is rapidly evolving. This growth poses challenges and opportunities for traditional banks to enhance digital services and partner with fintechs for improved operations and personalized customer experiences.

AI and Cloud Technologies

AI and cloud computing are transforming banking, offering efficiency in data management, superior customer service, and enhanced decision-making. AI aids in fraud detection and personalized experiences, while cloud computing provides scalability and cost savings—crucial for staying competitive.

The Shift to ISO 20022

Transitioning to ISO 20022 will enhance data quality and transaction efficiency. Saudi banks must prepare for this shift with significant technical updates to ensure seamless international and domestic payments.

Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention

Digitalization increases cybersecurity risks. Banks and fintechs must implement robust security measures, conduct regular risk assessments, and continuously innovate to protect sensitive data and maintain customer trust.

Saudi Arabia’s financial sector is at a pivotal moment. Embracing fintech, AI, cloud tech, and robust cybersecurity will position banks for success. As Vision 2030 approaches, collaboration between traditional banks and fintech innovators is key to driving growth and innovation.

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