ISO 20022 Migration

Get ready for March 2023

Are you facing these challenges?

Most people think that they have nothing to do before March 2023, and that they are not impacted by the ISO20022 changes.

The truth

All supervised entities connected to SWIFT will be impacted as of March 2023.

You must adopt FinPlus messaging and validate RMA exchanges.

You must adapt your back-office integration to deal with new messages and folders

You must create alerts and processes for truncated CBPR+ messages

What if you don’t take action

You might not be able to communicate with your counterparts as of March 2023.

You will not comply with regulatory screening standards

You will face truncated or rejected transactions

Our experts care for you

We support more than 70 financial institutions with their SWIFT connectivity.

We have prepared an efficient methodology to ensure that you’ll be compliant and ready for the changes happening in March 2023.

We have dedicated trainings to prepare your staff for what will change.

We will perform all tasks for you (preparation, configuration, migration, testing, reporting…) so you can have peace of mind.


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