Building a Global Network of Trust and Expertise

What makes us successful is not our name, but everything we put behind it.
We tell you everything! 


What connects us 

When we say that our ambition is rooted in our DNA, it is not an image… we really mean it! To understand this, we need to look at the etymology of DiXiO and go back to Greece, where Thierry, one of our founders, got started.

DiXiO comes from the Greek “dhíktio” which means “network”. This “network” can be

  • A telecommunications network, where we are constantly exchanging information.  
  • Form a set of links and elements that intersect, like the mesh of a net.  
  • To draw a set of paths, or bridges, which link different regions and connect us to each other.

It is this notion of network, embedded in our DNA, that we wanted to materialise in our logo.  

Our motivation at DiXiO is to connect talents across the world, without limits. 

We don’t recruit people from a specific area, we look for the best people wherever they are, with no limits.  

We build a network of experts who work day and night to meet our client’s needs. And we don’t stop there! We maintain, improve and grow this network

To reach the stars we dream together and succeed together! 


Common value

Behind our name, there are also our beliefs.


Being completely remote has brought us closer to our clients. Our network spans markets from the Middle East to North Africa and from Turkey to South Africa. Our experts are DiXiO’s ambassadors in their country! 

Because our customers are our priority, we are able to deliver the best expertise with the best reactivity. For us, the most effective way to closely monitor our accounts is to be present at their side. The international network we are building is the most relevant solution to meet this challenge.  

We have never been so close as we are at a distance!  



At DiXiO, we have made trust the cement of our network.

“Experts You Can Trust” is more than just our motto, it is the requirement we impose on ourselves every day. We need to trust each other to guarantee the best possible support and devote all our energy to it. And to guarantee this trust, we are absolutely transparent in our dealings, which can sometimes be confusing. We tell each other things, we criticise when it is constructive and we celebrate successes!

It is this requirement and DiXiO spirit that finds an echo in the support of our clients. This is where our credibility comes from, from this imperative quest for honesty and trust as a common foundation.

We are men and women you can trust. 



In life, when you trust someone, you recommend them.  

At DiXiO, we are no exception to this rule. We have been building our network for a long time. Each founder, and each employee brings their own experience and contacts. We all participate in building this network to make it an extremely reliable community

We are more than the sum of our individualities.

The recognition of our peers is also our primary communication pillar. We are proud of this recognition, which drives us to continue to excel in satisfying our clients.  


Want to join the adventure? 
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