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DiXiO, the place to be!  

DiXiO is a multicultural company with around 50 fully remote experts located in 11 countries on 4 different continents! Although this arrangement offers undeniable advantages, a ‘fully remote’ company is still a real challenge.  

The secret? Patience, empathy, and a good dose of awareness.  

In this article,we will share our experience of how to create a good working atmosphere and unite a team in all four corners of the world!  


How do you exchange ideas daily?

At DiXiO, we work (almost) 7 days a week 

DiXiO experts work all over the world, which can mean a time difference of up to 4 hours. Another particularity to be taken into consideration: each country has its agenda.   

In some countries of the Middle East, the weekend starts on Thursday evening, and the working week resumes on Sunday. In the West, the weekend is Saturday/Sunday…

This difference in agenda is a challenge that we have had to face in managing our schedule. The result is an atypical organisation, more flexible and more respectful of everyone’s constraints without leaving anyone out… in short, an organisation made in DiXiO.

With 100% remote colleagues, what about the right to disconnect? At DiXiO, the rule is simple: everyone is free to write to their colleagues whenever they want, but no one expects an immediate response. Why is that? For the well-being of everyone and also because we don’t control our employees’ schedules. At DiXiO, trust is at the heart of our DNA.  


How do we understand each other?  

Considering cultural differences in the way we work  

Hierarchy, relationships between colleagues, and, more broadly, the place of work in the lives of employees are specific to each culture. Our postulate at DiXiO is simple: to perform well, we must take note of these cultural differences… They are our strength!  

But it is not just a question of performance: it is also a question of a different corporate culture and way of working that requires adaptation. To raise the awareness of our experts, we do not hesitate to expose them to these differences by, for example, having them switch to their colleague’s missions from time to time.

To facilitate the support of our clients, the area covered by our experts depends on their spoken languages and their cultural affinities, to guarantee real proximity.   


How we manage?  

Managing the difference… to make a difference

Even in a conventional company, it is not possible to manage two people in the same way. At DiXiO, this truth is exacerbated and the manager must, more than elsewhere, be vigilant and adapt to their team. Finally, this international dimension coupled with a fully remote organisation has given the HR function its rightful place as the base of our cohesion.

As a result, there is more flexibility in management. In concrete terms, we do not expect the experts to replicate the behavior of their managers… Quite the opposite! We accept differences and because we don’t lose sight of our purpose, we are aware that we need them for our clients.   

We allow everyone to work in unity and solidarity. We do not erase differences, but we use them as levers for performance and not as obstacles. At DiXiO we cultivate and value diversity, that is our vision of management!   

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