Advantages of Working in Full Remote

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At DiXiO, we don’t have offices. We have deliberately adopted a full-remote way of working. More than a choice, this organizational model is an integral part of our DNA. Our experts work all over the world, independently, in the best environment: their own!

Working in full remote has many advantages but cannot be improvised. We explain everything in 6 points!

A fragrance of freedom

Our remote organization offers real autonomy in the management of our time and this is undoubtedly the most valuable thing.

We attach great importance to the work-life balance of all our employees. Full remote allows them to spend more time with their family and opt for the organization that best suits their personal needs.


A framework to get out of the frame

If we work in our comfort zone, it’s to get out of it better. Our experts have a taste for challenge and the ability to reinvent themselves.

In an ever-changing industry, we must always stay two steps ahead. That’s why joining DiXiO means embarking on a continuous learning journey. Our company is structured in such a way to make all professional careers viable. Just tell us where you see yourself in the future and we will work together to make it happen!


Sky isn’t the limit

Working in full remote allows you to quickly change your mindset to go beyond the boundaries of what is possible… and borders in general. If our current goals focus on the Middle East and Africa, our ambition is to be present all over the world!

Free from any physical constraints, we recruit the best experts wherever they are. Joining DIXIO means joining a global community and having the opportunity to learn, acquire and develop skills in contact with the best.

If you’re looking to reach the stars, you’ve come to the right place!


Join a vibrant community

Aware of the difficulty of building a common culture and creating long-distance relationships, we put everything in place to keep in touch. Working with us means never feeling alone thanks to a daily life punctuated by exchanges as enriching as they are friendly.

The keys to success? The trust, honesty and commitment of each and every one of us.


Be as close as possible to our customers

Present in the four corners of the world, from the Middle East to the Maghreb and from Turkey to South Africa, our experts physically stand alongside those who matter most: our customers.

This proximity allows us to adapt our services to the specificities of the markets and to be at the heart of events. It is also an organizational asset that gives us the opportunity to free ourselves from the constraints related to jet lag. Our experts are available when our customers need them most.


Good for the planet!

Business travel is reduced, so full remote is also good for the planet.

By joining DIXIO you will contribute, at your own level, to the fight against climate change by adopting a more eco-friendly professional routine !

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