DiXiO Welcomes Christophe Moreau as New Head of Customer Success

Christophe Moreau joins DiXiO to lead the Customer Success team, bringing years of experience and a passion for helping customers thrive. 

[Dubai, 12th June] – DiXiO, the leading global fintech company in financial messaging, is excited to announce that Christophe Moreau has joined as the new Head of the Customer Success team. Christophe comes to DiXiO after spending over 11 years at Swift, where he led the European Technical Consulting team and worked on various customer projects. 

Bringing Experience and Vision 

At Swift, Christophe worked on implementing Swift products and provided technical advice and services. In addition to his deep knowledge of Swift messaging and connectivity applications, he has a good understanding of compliance and cybersecurity, a great fit for DiXiO’s mission to simplify and secure financial messaging. Christophe’s experience will be key to improving how we help our customers succeed. 

Motivated by DiXiO’s Mission 

Christophe is motivated by DiXiO’s goal of simplifying financial messaging for everyone. “What excites me is DiXiO’s vision. We want to make it easy for customers to get on board with Swift without dealing with a lot of complexity,” Christophe shared. “That’s what drives me – making things simpler for our customers.” 

Tackling Challenges in Customer Success 

One of the biggest challenges Christophe sees in customer success today is scalability, especially for a growing company like DiXiO. Leveraging his extensive experience, Christophe plans to implement advanced tools and streamlined processes to drive the automation of DiXiO’s operations. “We’re aiming to double our customer base every year, and my goal is to enhance our systems to handle this growth efficiently,” Christophe explained. “By using automation and refining our processes, we can manage the increased workload while maintaining the personal touch that’s important to us.” 

Adding Value with Unique Insights 

Christophe brings a lot of valuable experience to the team. “My time at Swift has given me practical and technical knowledge that I can share with the team,” Christophe said. “I want to make things easier for our customers so they can focus on their own business. There are still areas where we can remove complexity for them, and I’m excited to help with that.” 

Committed to Excellence 

DiXiO is confident that Christophe’s leadership will greatly improve our customer success efforts. His focus on simplicity, security, and efficient service will help us provide even better solutions for our clients. 

About DiXiO 

DiXiO is a leading cloud solution provider for Financial Messaging serving banks, financial institutions, large corporates, and fintechs in more than 60 countries. DiXiO’s cloud platform connects its customers to leading financial networks and services worldwide, allowing its customers to execute international payments, FX deals, trade finance, or securities settlement simply and securely. 

Over the past years, DiXiO established itself as the reference in the Financial Messaging industry, being registered as an official Swift Agent, Service Partner, and Platform Partner. For financial institutions, working with DiXiO means establishing a long-term, trusted relationship with some of the best Financial Messaging experts worldwide and leveraging an innovative platform to offer the most innovative services to their end customers. 

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