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Our tips for everyone to find their place!

The coffee machine is the perfect place to socialize and plays a central role in companies. It’s the place for team building, mutual support, and unfiltered exchanges. The background noise of the discussions carries internal information and echoes these moments of sociability that make people want to go to the office.   

Recreating these moments is one of the challenges of a fully remote organization. If you can’t meet up for a coffee break, we would like to share some of our tips for recreating the office atmosphere with you!


Integration sets the tone!   

Before we get to the induction process, we need to start from the premise that we are not just recruiting experts, if you join our community, it’s as much for your skills as it is for your personality. We’re not looking for individuals with the most expertise, but for those who have the greatest thirst for learning. What connects us is the same search to improve and the ability to challenge ourselves. Daily, we learn from each other, we exchange transparently, we share our successes and we grow a little more..   

We are explorers, we are learners. Our common values bring us together!   

The integration of each new expert in our network must set the tone.   

Beforehand, we think of everything to facilitate their arrival from a technical, organizational, and even relational point of view. For example, the first few days are dedicated to a series of Microsoft Teams sessions with each differing department.  

When you join our community, you will also benefit from personalized follow-ups with our human resources manager, from the moment you start. 

Our goal? We want everyone to feel welcome and quickly find their place within our team!   


Creating a united community   

To create a solid common culture, we need to be connected. The week of our experts is punctuated by several highlights where everyone can:

  • share their progress during the week,
  • benefit from advice provided by all of the teams,
  • help the company grow by having an impact on strategic decisions.


“Kick-Off The Week”, “Live my Life”, “Brainstorming Session”… we’ve set up these rituals with a single aim: to stay connected!

If the fully remote organization allows us to optimize our time and be closer to our family, it is important for us to find a real family spirit in our professional environment. This is our strength!

We’re a united community, scattered worldwide but close at our meetings. Our rituals bring us together


Have fun!   

A golden rule at DiXiO: never forget to celebrate success! Even in the busy moments, we take the time to celebrate the successes of our experts and, more broadly, those of the company.   

Even at a distance, the seriousness of our job is accompanied by moments of fun! At least one hour a week is devoted to virtual games and informal after-work conversations.   

And we haven’t told you everything: joining the DiXiO network means meeting up in person every quarter, all over the world! During three days, we alternate work sessions with more playful, cultural, sporting, or festive activities. We always look forward to these trips!   


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