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Chief Growth Officer Adrien Sicoli Shares How to Access the Full Value of Swift Solutions thanks to DiXiO at Sibos 2023

Toronto, September 20th – In an interview with Sibos TV, Adrien Sicoli, Chief Growth Officer of DiXiO, shared insights into how DiXiO is simplifying Swift services and fostering interoperability between Swift and third parties worldwide. The interview also marked Swift’s 50th anniversary, reflecting on the organization’s evolution.

The four-day annual financial services conference, organized by Swift, was held this year in Toronto and hosted thousands of executives and decision-makers from across the industry.

DiXiO, a global Swift partner, has embedded all of Swift’s APIs in its solution, becoming the first complementor to achieve this milestone. Adrien Sicoli highlighted the immense potential for financial institutions, stating that initiatives like Preval, gpi, and Swift Go enable seamless customer experiences comparable to those offered by fintech companies. When combined with complementors like DiXiO, Swift becomes a powerful tool, granting financial institutions a significant competitive advantage.

He also emphasized DiXiO’s strong partnership with Swift, highlighting how Swift now recognizes DiXiO not just as a partner but as a complementor. This distinction empowers DiXiO to facilitate the adoption of Swift services, making the process simpler and enabling interoperability between Swift services and third parties.

We do have strong ambitions for the Swift community. We want to allow anyone in the world to benefit from Swift services and we’re going finally to have the means to achieve that vision,” mentioned Adrien Sicoli during the interview.

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