How IZNES Gained Peace of Mind with DiXiO's Managed Services in AWS Cloud

SWIFT Managed Services

About the Customer

IZNES, a regulated, pan-European digital platform, is a pioneer in disruptive fund distribution solutions. Their platform provides a single entry point for real-time, seamless UCI shares trading, fund registrar, and end-to-end KYC management.

The Challenge

100% Cloud Solution to Plug into SWIFT

To maintain their competitive edge and meet their customers’ needs, IZNES needed to be connected to Swift. They were looking for a simple solution that would enable them to fully benefit from SWIFT connectivity without the constraints of local IT infrastructure implementation and the maintenance associated to a direct connectivity to SWIFT.

Our Solution

DiXiO's SWIFT Managed Services

To help IZNES overcome this challenge, we offered our SWIFT Managed Services in AWS cloud. This allowed IZNES to fully benefit from SWIFT connectivity without the need for any IT local infrastructure implementation or its associated constraints such as maintenance, incident management, security risks, etc. Our solution provided IZNES with access to the high technical and operational security standards of  both Amazon Web Services and the SWIFT network.

"The implementation was quick and straightforward. Overall, only a couple of weeks elapsed between the moment we received our BIC Code and our first test messages on the SWIFT network."
Bhavesh Senedhun

The Outcome

By combining the high technical and operational security standards of  both Amazon Web Services and the SWIFT network, IZNES achieved enhanced overall process efficiency. The cloud-based solution provided scalability and flexibility, enabling IZNES to meet the growing demands of their clients. The Managed Services approach saved time and costs associated with implementing and maintaining SWIFT infrastructure on-premises.

"DiXiO has high standard assistance for cloud Managed Services to connect to SWIFT. They guided us on the technical and business aspects to get our messages through. They go beyond traditional support being also helpful and responsive."
Jean-Robert Hervy
Managing Director, CFO - IZNES

Go Beyond with DiXiO Managed Services

Once onboarded on the platform, Iznes had a direct access to all DiXiO’s added value solutions and services. That’s how after one year of collaboration on the Managed Services, Iznes has opted for DiXiO’s convertor to ensure the conversion from MT to MX in both directions (in & out).

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