Be ready for November 2022

Are you facing these challenges?

Most people think that they can rely on their Core Banking System for upgrading and managing ISO20022 standard; and that the transition period will give them enough time to adapt to new standard.

The truth

You must adopt the new standard to continue operating your business

There are regulatory requirements to comply with for transaction screening under ISO20022

Migrating to ISO20022 is a complex project that will fail without support from Subject Matter Expert

All entities connected to SWIFT will be impacted as of November 2022

What if you don’t take action

You might not be able to communicate with your counterparts as of November 2022

You will not comply with regulatory screening standards

Not adopting new standards means being behind your peers and endangering your business

Our ISO20022 experts care for you

We have guided not only banks but complete markets into adopting the ISO20022 standard.

We have benchmarked all potential migration scenarios and players who can help you in this migration, and based on your context we can recommend the best.

We have developed a highly efficient method to analyse impacts on your systems & processes, and most importantly, find the most appropriate solution.

We have dedicated trainings to educate your staff about ISO20022

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