DMA Overcomes Reliability Issues and Enhances Its Swift Environment With DiXiO’s Managed Services

SWIFT Managed Services

About the Customer

DMA is a technology-first company that provides an end-to-end SaaS solution to institutional investors across South Africa, Mauritius, and the UK. DMA enables regulated entities like asset managers, wealth managers, investment managers and financial advisors to connect their front and back office, reduce operating costs and scale their business more efficiently.

The Challenge

Physical Server Liability and Connectivity Issues

The biggest challenge faced by DMA was the liability of the physical server, which had to be replaced frequently due to the power surges in South Africa. Another challenge faced by the institution was getting support on integrating into the Swift environment as it was the company’s first experience with the network. They needed a reliable solution that could help them improve their Swift journey and ensure an uninterrupted connectivity to Swift.

" DMA’s biggest issue was reliability and connecting to the Swift network."
Ryan Willers
Head | Project Management Office - DMA UK

Our Solution

DiXiO's SWIFT Managed Services

DMA turned to DiXiO’s Swift Managed Services to overcome these challenges and to improve the reliability and efficiency of their Swift payment operations. Thanks to DiXiO’s guaranteed availability and unmatched SLA, we were able to attend to DMA’s requirements and guide them through their Swift journey. DiXiO’s Swift Managed Services also provided DMA with ongoing support for improving the overall health of its Swift environment.

The Outcome

Since implementing DiXiO’s Managed Services, the customer has experienced a significant increase in reliability and efficiency in its payment operations. DMA has not encountered any issues with missing claim payments and doesn’t require the need for constant manual checks on the Swift machine. This has freed up resources which allows the company to focus on other core areas of the business. Additionally, the company has been able to expand its payment operations to include international transactions between Mauritius and the UK with confidence due to the reliability provided by DiXiO.

"When DMA encounters issues, we know that we can reach out to DiXiO, and not only do they provide support for what's on the client-server, but they also help us improve the hygiene of our Swift environments. This includes tracking tokens and improving the general health of our Swift environment. It’s been very valuable."
Ryan Willer
Head | Project Management Office - DMA UK

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