DiXiO Cash Reporting

Real-Time Visibility On Your Cash

Simplify your cash management and make informed decisions with real-time data

One Platform, All Bank Accounts

DiXiO enables you to make smart decisions about your company’s finance. With a single and integrated platform, you can get real-time visibility of your cash flow across all your accounts.

Already 8000+ connected banks thanks to Swift network


With DiXiO Cash Reporting, you are only one login away from viewing your real-time cash position. You can track your cash flow, monitor payments, and analyze financial trends, all in one place.


Gain a clear understanding of your cash position daily by viewing dynamic reports from a period-based perspective. Filter by entity, bank, or currency to get a detailed view of your cash position across your organization.


Get a quick snapshot of your cash position in your preferred currency across different regions and markets, allowing you to compare your performance and identify potential issues.


Easily access your historical cash evolution to identify trends in your cash position over time and gain valuable insights to help you make better decisions.

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