BADF Simplified its Swift Connectivity with DiXiO's Managed Services

SWIFT Managed Services

About the Customer

Banque Agricole du Faso (BADF) is a state-owned development bank based in Burkina Faso. As a financial institution, BADF focuses on providing banking services and financial products specifically tailored to the agricultural sector. With the goal of supporting and promoting agricultural activities in the country, BADF plays a crucial role in facilitating economic growth and development in Burkina Faso.

The Challenge

Navigating Swift Complexity

Before partnering with DiXiO, BADF faced a significant challenge in managing their Swift connectivity. While Swift is a powerful network, it can be quite complex to handle effectively without previous experience. BADF encountered difficulties in managing tokens, keeping up with annual upgrades, and ensuring compliance with ISO 20022 and CSP requirements.

Our Solution

DiXiO's SWIFT Managed Services

BADF wanted a simple solution that would keep their Swift connectivity running smoothly without the need to manage any Swift components themselves. They needed a solution that could handle the complexities of Swift operations and ensure continuous compliance with Swift requirements.

To help BADF overcome this challenge, we offered our Swift Managed Services. This allowed  BADF  to focus on its core banking activities. DiXiO’s solution brought peace of mind, ensuring BADF stayed compliant and easing the challenges that came with Swift connectivity.

"We wanted to keep our direct Swift connectivity, without having to manage any Swift component and to make sure that we are always compliant to all Swift requirements: DiXiO Managed Services was the only solution available on the market."
Ludovic Yaka
Head of IT - BADF

The Outcome

Since implementing DiXiO’s Managed Services, BADF has experienced numerous benefits. One of the key advantages is the support they receive from our experts. DiXiO’s support team is highly responsive and available across various communication channels, including email, WhatsApp, and phone. With the Managed Services Approach, BADF has streamlined its operations and eliminated the complexities associated with Swift management, saving time and costs.

“DiXiO takes care of the management of our Swift connectivity so that we can focus on our core business. We are always compliant; we don’t face any difficulty related to Swift anymore: They do provide peace of mind.”
Yacouba Traore
Head of Operations - BADF

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