Working with Colleagues From All Over the World

DiXiO, the place to be!   DiXiO is a multicultural company with around 30 fully remote experts located in 12 countries on 3 different continents! Although this arrangement offers undeniable advantages, a ‘fully remote’ company is still a real challenge.   The secret? Patience, empathy, and a good dose of awareness.   In this article,we will share our […]

What’s Behind DiXiO

What makes us successful is not our name, but everything we put behind it. We tell you everything!    What connects us  When we say that our ambition is rooted in our DNA, it is not an image… we really mean it! To understand this, we need to look at the etymology of DiXiO and […]

Building Connections Working Remotely

Our tips for everyone to find their place! The coffee machine is the perfect place to socialize and plays a central role in companies. It’s the place for team building, mutual support, and unfiltered exchanges. The background noise of the discussions carries internal information and echoes these moments of sociability that make people want to […]